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Welcome to Fun Festivities & The Clay Canvas

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Unfortunately, it is time for an announcement that hurts our hearts more than words can express :( We will be closing The Clay Canvas/Fun Festivities at the end of June. We had such high hopes for success in the Tullahoma/Manchester/Coffee County community, and having to close is more heartbreaking than we can possibly express. Thank you to all those who supported us by patronizing our establishment and helping us try to get the word out. Although we tried many things, including cutting our hours and offering appointments, we've reached the end of our options. We will continue to be open during regular business hours (Friday & Saturday 11am to 6pm) through June 23. We will also be adding additional hours/days between now & June 23, canceling scheduled upcoming events, posting details regarding sales for our last few weeks, and continuing to take appointments both for individual and group painting through June 27. Please email or call with any questions or to make an appointment.

Fun Stuff Happens Here!!

Services We Offer

Event Planning Packages
Let us provide what you need to host the perfect event!

Paint Your Own Pottery
Choose your piece and get creative!

We offer event packages, paint your own pottery pieces, and combinations of the two! You can pop in to paint a piece or two,
or let us help you plan the event of your dreams. See our About pages for more detailed information.

Birthdays: Fun for Any Age! We have event packages for any birthday, and lots of pottery pieces that make the perfect gift!
Celebrations: Events for Any Milestone! Spend some quality time together, paint a gift, or plan a celebration to remember!
Holidays: Holiday Gatherings for Any Group! Holidays are our FAVORITE! Come let us show how we can make your event unforgettable,
or check out our holiday-themed pieces to paint to perfectly compliment your decorations!
We also offer group options for team-building, youth groups and clubs, church groups, school field trips, and everything in between!
Check out our packages or contact us for information.

"Until further notice, celebrate everything!" -Anonymous

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